Chris D. Smith: Strata


Saturday, Feb 18 - Apr 15, 2017

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    Linda Warren Projects
    West Side
    327 N. Aberdeen, Ste. 151
    Chicago, IL 60607
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    Exhibition on view: February 18, 2017-April 15, 2017
    Opening reception: Saturday, February 18, 6-9pm

    Located in Gallery O

    Strata – a layer of material, naturally or artificially formed, often one of a number of parallel layers one upon another.

    Smith’s abstract and ghostly paintings reveal layer upon layer of history. Through their transparent veils we find materials, colors, and shapes. Each painting encapsulates its own story. Its own freedom. Its own struggle to be seen. The organic and the formal push and pull ultimately giving in to harmony. By incorporating layers of paint, collage, and then sanding down the surface and then starting all over again, the artist exposes the evolution of the painting and allows the viewer access to the process. Nothing is truly hidden nor exposed. It is the subtle colors and textures that seduce and draw the viewer in.

    “Just as time is inherent in what our lives become, as is the process by which a painting is crafted. Purposefully exposing the layered history of my paintings, I instill the work with a complexity that mirrors that of a human experience.”

    Deeply compelling and poetic, Smith’s paintings evoke an emotional experience.

    After earning his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chris Smith received his MA from Eastern Illinois University where he graduated summa cum laude. Over the past twelve years, his work has been exhibited in galleries across the country, including Matthew Marks Gallery (2012), Bruno David Gallery (2014), and Evanston Art Center (2016). Smith has given numerous lectures across the state and has been included in such publications as Bad at Sports, Chicago Art World, and Alive Magazine. He was also featured in Neoteric Art’s, The WIP Project: What Is Painting?

    Top image: Chris D. Smith, Untitled IM42, 2015, acrylic collage and transfer on panel, 20″ x 26″