Perceptions: Wallace Bowling Constructs


Saturday, Mar 18 - Apr 15, 2017

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    Exhibition on view: March 18-April 15, 2017
    Reception for the Artist: Saturday, March 18, 2-5pm

    Wallace Bowling’s recent work - small minimalist “constructs” – focuses on the action of viewing an image or object. Markedly different than viewing a traditionally installed painting, each construct requires more than merely looking. Closed constructs must be opened to reveal a concealed tableau. Some even require participation in assembling. All is calculated, and more often manipulated. Even small details, such as the direction the construct opens, dictate the viewer’s interface. Some open only partially, denying the viewer. Some evoke a tinge of pleasure while others may create a distinct uneasiness. Both are heightened by participation,  and hence the viewer becomes an intimate part of the piece.