(Re)visions of Chicago Public Schools (Virtual Exhibition)

Friday, May 29 – Jun 22, 2020

On May 29th, CPS Lives and 062 Gallery will be hosting a completely virtual show, titled (Re)-Visions of Chicago Public Schools, that will showcase the work of several prominent Chicago artists and feature talks and special programming that tell the stories of our public education system in the 21st century. CPS Lives is an organization focused on telling true stories of public schools, and with the assistance of 062 Gallery, is now able to bring that vision to life - on a completely online platform. 

CPS Lives and 062 are happy to present (Re)Visions of Chicago Public Schools, our first virtual group show of works by 20 CPS Lives artists. The landscape of public education is ever changing, and the role of artists as narrators is becoming increasingly important in documenting these stories. Our artists are committed to showing honest depictions of public education and of the youth of Chicago. We are dedicated to taking an active role in the future by helping shape the youth arts community into a positive and groundbreaking space for experimentation and freedom. This is apparent in the bodies of work in the exhibition, and the new virtual space where it is shown. 

Our exhibition website will go live May 29th at 6PM with programming to follow. Updates will be announced. In the mean time make sure to check out our social media and website to see what we've been up to.

Image by Matt Siber, Pritzker Elementary; Design by Victor Seung Ryul Lee