Chicago Gallery News maintains the most comprehensive list of area arts organizations, institutions and more, and we're constantly updating it to provide our community with the most accurate, centralized resource around.

All of these groups and organizations contribute to the strength of Chicago's renown art community, and each offers unique and excellent programming all year long.

Museums & Universities

These art centers, museums, institutions, and university galleries offer a stellar line-up of visual art exhibitons, artist talks, panel discussions, curator tours, and more, providing unparalleled resources for members of our art community as well as for visitors to Chicago.

Alternative Spaces & Apartment Galleries

Beyond mainstream galleries, Chicago has a diverse, renowned community of alternative spaces that offer exhibitions, performances, film/video screenings, readings + lectures.  Some are not-for-profit, others are commercial, and many are completely artist-run.  Many contemporary artists have gotten their start in these unusual venues.

Associations & Advocacy

This grouping includes local and national arts organizations including art dealer associations from around the country, artist advocacy groups, appraiser associations, and more.  Select individual listings to view current exhibition schedules and contact information.

Art Centers & Studios

Artist studios are the real workplaces of Chicago's creative community. Go visit, take a tour, meet locally working artists, and become a part of our unique art hub. Studio buildings can be found all over the city, and many host monthly open studio events. This list is just a sample of these spaces, from small, avant-garde studios to historic large-scale art centers.