New Exhibitions Start July 29 - 31

Eulogy, a show with Jovan C. Speller

Exhibition Begins July 29

Aspect/Ratio Projects

Eulogy is a mixed media series by artist Jovan C. Speller that documents the artist’s notions of reincarnation. The works represented in this series are materializations of distant recollections of a past life - accepting the unreliability of memory itself, and exploring the myths that remain instead. With this body of work Speller reflects on memory and the transient nature of consciousness.




Paul Nudd’s Purple Mayonnaisery + The Uncollected Pictures of Paul Nudd

Exhibition Begins July 31

Western Exhibitions

In art ltd in 2011, James Yood wrote of Paul Nudd, “If the body is a temple, Nudd offers it as crumbling and collapsing, as an amazing remnant soon to be food for very busy worms.” Nudd is committed to central themes of primal sludge, growth and disease, systems of classification, mutation and life, patterning and mark making.




Heather Brammeier: Maybe Never

Exhibition Begins July 31

Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC)

Heather Brammeier is a sculptor, painter and installation artist whose work engages the function of childhood play into adulthood. Brammeier creates visual puzzles that invite movement in and around the artwork, testing physical and perceptual boundaries, mirroring emotional and psychological limits.