Gallery 1070

At Edgewater Artists in Motion, our aim is to show the community as many works of art as we possibly can. One way we do that is through our Gallery 1070 space. It's quite unlike any art gallery you've seen before.

​With Gallery 1070, the Edgewater community is also getting back the use of a 1920's building with a troubled past that was vacant for over 20 years. Learn about the history of this location.

About the Gallery

Gallery 1070 is meant to bring the whole community together through the arts. It includes fine art, contemporary art, and all kinds of American art forms. Even an art collector or die hard enthusiast might be surprised by what they'll find here at some of our shows and events.

Gallery 1070 is located in a unique building. Once known as the Granville Condominiums, it was built in 1929. It was once a desirable housing property in a thriving commercial district, but times changed. In the 1990s it ran into legal trouble, and by 2007 it was in complete disrepair. It took a couple of years to bring it back up to code. Eventually, it was fixed up and some of its units were rented out to Edgewater Artists in Motion. We're proud to see this once great building rise up again.

Inside Gallery 1070 you'll find two different spaces. One of them is for group exhibits, solo shows, and special events. Thisart gallery can be used for private events or ones that are open to the public. We've even hosted fundraisers here as a part of our continued commitment to the local community.

A second space is commonly used for art workshops. Private parties are also welcome, and we even find other community uses for it. Gallery 1070 is a versatile art gallery that's designed to showcase artists of all kinds, from established artists to emerging ones, while showing the locals just how important art is. We're proud to be a part of this community and we hope that all Chicago residents get the chance to attend a show or event at Gallery 1070 for themselves. Become a part of our community of more than 1,600 artists and supporters today!