Andrew Bae Gallery

Andrew Bae Gallery is located in the heart of the River North Arts District in downtown Chicago. 

Since 1990, the gallery has been dedicated to introducing contemporary works by Asian artists, primarily with ties to Korea and Japan. Since its inception, the gallery has successfully established unique programs focused on a small group of carefully selected artists, who are represented on a long term basis. These inner-working relationships enable us to explore our roster of artists through their personal use of various mediums and contemplate their ideas using our deepest senses. These diverse works both unite and cross many cultures and at the same time convey classic feelings in a contemporary context, bridging the past with the present

Specializing in contemporary Asian artists, emerging young international artists, painting, sculpture, and photography, prints.

Artists represented: Kwang Jean Park, Jae Ko, Jungjin Lee, Young June Lew, Tetsuya Noda, Keysook Geum, and Leeah Joo.

Top image: Jungjin Lee, Everglades no.10, 20" x 40"