Artists Book House

“Books delight. Books empower. Books nourish our imaginations; books can be our friends.”


Every book is a world. Books are vessels, ideas; they sit at the heart of civilization, where philosophies and visions converge. A book can be intimate and personal; it can change the fate of nations. Books speak to us and connect us across time and distance.

Artists Book House is a new organization devoted to the Book Arts: writing, reading, printing, bookbinding, papermaking, typography, calligraphy, poetry, fiction, memoir, artist’s books, publishing, comics, zines, and much, much more. It is a place where artists, writers, readers, and other thoughtful people gather to learn and create. Through education, exhibitions, publications, and events, Artists Book House expands our community. We promote the literary arts and the crafts of book making. We rejoice in the physical form of the book and embrace interdisciplinary approaches to the book arts. We are committed to conservation, understanding the history and craft of the book, and sharing knowledge. We celebrate diversity and are committed to empowering people to tell their stories, to transform their worlds into books.