Corner is an experiment to see what happens when artists whose work is about the human condition come into direct contact with daily life. The installations in Corner will be by artists who are invited because they are inspired by the unique urban, social, functional, and historical attributes of this specific location and who will create work in response to it. Artists who understand that “the work of art is complete only as it works in the experience of others than the one who created it.” (John Dewey, Art as Experience)

Located in a storefront on an old part of Milwaukee Avenue in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago, Corner has been a sausage shop, a school for Polish children, a travel agency, a Mexican bridal boutique and, currently, the studio of artist Lynn Basa.  In February 2015 the storefront underwent yet another incarnation in the 100-years since it was a sausage shop. Corner is a project space where artists are invited to experiment with multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory installations that create portals for varied audiences to access their own memories and experiences while creating new ones.