Elmhurst College

  • The campus Barbara A. Kieft Accelerator ArtSpace was built around a 20-foot-high particle accelerator—a vintage 1950s piece of physics equipment, left over from the site’s former life as a physics lab.
  • Students also frequently display their art in the Founders Lounge of the Frick Center, a comfortable place known on campus as the College’s living room.

The College also houses a remarkable collection of Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist Art. Located in the A.C. Buehler Library, the collection is composed of well over 150 works of art, many of which have been part of special exhibitions at major U.S. and European museums. The college's Curator and Director of Exhibitions Suellen Rocca is a member of the Hairy Who, a collective of six artists, whose work was featured in a 2018 exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago: Hairy Who? 1966–69.