Jean Albano Gallery

Jean Albano Gallery has exhibited a diverse roster of artists who have helped shape Chicago’s art scene since the gallery’s inception in 1986. The gallery has featured artists based in Chicago, as well as those from throughout the country.

Artists exhibited include: Fletcher Benton, Diane Cooper, Claudia DeMonte, Bonnie Lautenberg, John Maloof, the Estate of Bill Mauldin, Gladys Nilsson, Donna Rosenthal, Hunt Slonem, Bonnie Star, Joe Tallarico, John Torreano, Jim Waid, Idelle Weber, the Estate of Margaret Wharton, Karl Wirsum, and Zack Wirsum.

Opening receptions from 5:30–7:30 pm every odd Friday


Image: From left - gallery display showing work by Joe Tallarico, Donna Rosenthal, Gladys Nilsson, John Maloof, Karl Wirsum, and Hunt Slonem.

Inset: Bonnie Lautenberg, 2001, Shrek, Fernando Botero, Nude in Mirror, Archival Pigment Print, 48” x 51.4”

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