Jean Albano Gallery

Since its founding in 1986, Jean Albano Gallery has represented and exhibited a wide variety of artists, including self-trained, local, and internationally known artists. The gallery is currently home to a range of art in many different styles, from painting to sculpture to virtual photography.

Artists represented/exhibited: Luciana Abait, Fletcher Benton, Diane Cooper, Claudia DeMonte, Lee Grantham, Bonnie Lautenberg, John Maloof, Gladys Nilsson, Mary Ann Papanek-Miller, Amy Perlmutter, Donna Rosenthal, Bonnie Star, Joe Tallarico, John Torreano, Annette Turow, Mindy Weisel, Margaret Wharton, Karl Wirsum, Zack Wirsum, Allison Zisook.

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