Pigment International


[pig-muh nt] V. to acquire color]

PIGMENT, Intl ® is a multi-media arts collective promoting multicultural arts, culture and innovation. Pigment is about encouraging artistic cognitive dissonance. The creative process allows artists to capture contradictory ideas, concepts and impressions while encouraging conversation and introspection. Integral to the creative process are the curators who present the work, and collectors who share a belief in artistic expression.

Pigment is about bringing those constituents together in a celebration of multi-cultural art.

PIGMENT, International accomplishes it's mission through multi-city invitation only art salons featuring original works by some of the country’s preeminent multi-cultural artists. 

The intimate salon setting affords artists the chance to be up close and personal with attendees, offering them both access to, and insights about themselves and their art. 

The artists showcased at PIGMENT exhibit an immense diversity in terms of age, accomplishments, media, content, stylistic and cultural influences.