Salon Artists Gallery

The Salon Artists Gallery prides itself on mentoring new artists as well as providing a co-operative stage for artisans featuring painters, photographers, potters, jewelers, woodworkers and glass artists.


Ann Bonzani – painting

Graydon Cafarella – watercolor

Linda Curl – Painting, mixed media

Kato Dominquez – painting

Barb Edwards – painting

Sandra Evers – painting, mixed media

Mary Ann Grajek – painting, mixed media

Dennis Jennings – painting Jazz Musicians

Tim Lade – photography

Rose Lyons – pencil/ painting

Patricia Moore – Painting, painting plates,

sculpture, abstracts

Wyll Mull – painting

Merrionna Pierce – painting

Janice Pratt – computerized photocollages

Ginny Raftery – painting, embellishments

Bob Rhodes – woodwork

Tim Richardson – painting

Joyce Riley – pottery, felt painting

Victor Simmons – Scratchboard

Marilyn Stewart – painting, mixed media

Bev Szaton – Jewelry, painting

Patrick Thompson – painting

Faye Zalecki – Fractals


If you are an artist who would like to join us, contact Patricia Moore at 708-833-5108 or stop in and chat with us.


Image: Salon Artists Gallery, Park Forest, IL


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