Spudnik Press Cooperative

Spudnik Press Cooperative is a community-based art center unique in its dedication to fine art printmaking and cultural traditions surrounding print. Our professional printmaking facilities lay the foundation for artistic opportunities that range from residencies to community workshops to exhibitions. 

Spudnik Press exhibitions emphasize printmaking and print-based projects within contemporary art practices. Exhibitions amplify the impact of resources at Spudnik Press by providing opportunities for artists and audiences to move through a variety of creative roles: from making to experiencing, from learning to teaching. 

Spudnik Press showcases work that has ongoing relevance to our mission and vision, while also encouraging a breadth of community participation.

Our Mission: Provide facilities and services available to artists who need a place to create or exhibit their original artwork; Provide education in printmaking practices though uniting professional artists with a diverse community of emerging artists, established artists, youth, and adults.

Image: Artist talk with Lisa Vinebaum, 2015 Resident Artist, during her New Demands? solo exhibition

Past Events