Digital Advertising

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The CGN website regularly tops Google searches for any local art-related searches. 

Advertising on our site is an effective, affordable way of targeting a sophisticated, cultural audience, especially a local one. Placements are limited in order to maximize your ad's visibility, and our unique content and robust calendar of art events means that we boast excellent visitor loyalty and engagement. When people find CGN they come back again and again. 

• Our fully responsive site reaches over 11,000 monthly users (as of October 20, 2022)
• CGN users spend a lot of time engaging with our content, averaging 2 min 20 seconds
• 56% of our online readers are female
• 44% of our online readers are between 18-34; 45% are between 35-64

Statistics updated in 2022 via Google Analytics.



CGN Newsletters

We send out our popular newsletters every Tuesday and Thursday to 7,000 subscribers, plus an additional 15,000 via Social Sharing. 

2022-2023 engagement rates score well above industry averages: our open rate is 46%; our click-through rate is 4%. 

CGN's mix of content and calendar highlights reach an arts-focused audience and promote a range of news and events, from featured interviews to exhibition openings and art fairs. Our newsletters offer a range of affordable advertising options, from editorial-style features to exclusive promotional placements. 


*Note: Digital rates will increase January 1, 2024.




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