Online Advertising regularly tops Google searches for any art-related searches, such as for openings, exhibitions, art news and more, and CGN maintains a reputation as the central, up-to-date resource for art events, news and more. 

We boast excellent visitor loyalty and engagement, and we reached all-time traffic highs in 2018. Advertising on our site is an effective, affordable and local way of targeting a sophisticated, cultural audience. 

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Website Statistics

• Our fully responsive site earns 12,000+ sessions monthly for 10,000+ users. We average more than 3,000 sessions from 2,600 users/week. 
• CGN users spend a lot of time engaging with our content, averaging 2 min 20 seconds. According to Nielsen Norman Group, most visitors to other sites stay less than 59 seconds. 
• 56% of our online readers are female
• 44% of our online readers are between 18-34; 45% are between 35-64
• Our readers top interests, other than art: theater, dining, design, real estate

CGN calendar events are pushed to Google's mobile event finder, so openings and exhibition info is viewed widely. When people search for Chicago art, they often find CGN even before individual websites. 

13,000 more users visited in 2018 compared to 2017 (85,225 in 2018 vs 74,000 in 2017). For the first 5 months of 2019 we are up 14% compared to the same period in 2018.

May 2019 was the busiest month for in the history of the website with 10,000 users. We marked our single busiest day in the history of the website on April 15; our growth is consistent and fast!  

Statistics updated May 2019 via Google Analytics.


Digital Options and Pricing


CGN Homepage Feature

For arts groups and individuals, we offer tailored, editorial-style spots on the CGN homepage. Linked to an organization/event page including unlimited text and additional images and links. Limited availability during major events and art fairs.

– $300/wk

Duration: 7 days

- One key image linked to a CGN event page
- Title of your event in the rotating headline position
- Image specs: 975 W x 605 H pixels, 72dpi, JPG
- Copy specs: 30 words or text taken from listing/event description 


Website Ads 

Digital Ads run on a 4 week time-frame. Materials may be changed out as needed. Ads may also be purchased as part of print + online packages.

– Headline Banner – top of Calendar / News / article pages  | $250/month

– Vertical Sidebar – rotating; anchored to move down the page with user  | $150/month

– In Between Banner  – amongst Calendar / News  | $150/month



Social Media Partner Posts

– Facebook (@ChicagoGalleryNews – 3,500+ followers) – $50/ea 

– Instagram (@ChiGalleryNews – 2,200 followers) – $50/ea

– Twitter (@ChiGalleryNews – 7,800+ followers) – $50/ea 


Monthly Gallery / Museum / Studio Listing  | $65

This is a good resource for promoting an event that lasts less than one month.


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