A Closer Look into Henry Darger's World

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 1 – 2 pm

756 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

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In anticipation of her April 2021 book launch, art historian Leisa Rundquist joins Intuit President and CEO Debra Kerr to discuss the forthcoming book The Power and Fluidity of Girlhood in Henry Darger's Art. Rundquist's book is the first to examine Darger's conceptual and visual representation of girlhood as it charts his use of little girl imagery in contexts that many scholars have read as puerile and psychologically disturbed, including his direct appropriations from mainstream sources as well as girls modified to meet his needs. Consequently, this inquiry qualifies the intersexed aspects of Darger's girls as well as addresses their inherent cute and little associations that signal multivocal meanings often in conflict with each other. To illustrate their conversation, Kerr and Rundquist will use source materials from the Henry Darger Room Collection, located at Intuit, as references to discuss the intricacies of Darger's representation of girls.

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