Abstraction As Metaphor: Kathie Shaw and Corey Postiglione

Saturday, Apr 24 – Jun 20, 2021

2320 W. Chicago
Chicago, IL 60622

Painting, including abstraction, has probably been around too long to hold surprises, at least in the area of pictorial innovation, which was its hallmark historically.  This could be regarded as the current challenge for abstraction in particular.  Whereas painting continues unabated with no signs of disappearing, the question remains how to make it vital, not only in terms of pictorial seduction, but also in the area of content.  This is one of the particular dilemmas for abstraction.

Postiglione and Shaw's work is not only about itself and the sheer formal optical experience uncomplicated by any outside issues.  Their use of abstract imagery readily embraces issues such as themes of globalization and the resultant dynamics of societal, cultural, and environmental degradation.  All of this metaphoric content is represented in the language of abstract art.

Corey Postiglione and Kathie Shaw have been fortunate to share a studio, where they interact around ideas, techniques and motivations. Although different stylistically, the consequence of a shared space are essential to both artists.