Alchemy of the Heart

Friday, Jun 12 – Jul 18, 2020

4839 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

Alchemy of the Heart is a 3-person exhibition featuring photographic based collages by Liam Alexander, ceramic narratives by Eric Doctors, and geometric, rusted relief paintings by Jamie Kost. 

Liam Alexander is a critically acclaimed internationally exhibited fine artist and creative director with the intention of catalyzing social change through artistic expression.

Eric Doctors creates ceramic narratives that focus on the power of storytelling by the use of geometric patterns and detailed drawings. The combination of atmospheric firing and multi-layered surfaces produce pieces that look as if they were made a long time ago. This series explores how we might take what is hard and make it better for all of us.

Jamie Kost is a mixed media artist utilizing rust in her relief paintings. Her compositions have strong architectural elements with bold geometric designs that coexist with the organic surfaces of the rust. The frequent use of grids and patterns resonate an inherent desire for order and predictability. The most exciting and challenging aspect of working with this medium is letting go of intentionality; as the metal oxidizes and the deeply textured surface transforms and evolves into something infinitely fascinating.