Anastasia Sitnikova: Searching for an Exit

Friday, Feb 18 – Mar 31, 2022

1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610

Fall 2021 Artist in Residence Anastasia Sitnikova’s practice explores the relationship between body, mind, and technology in order to heal the imperfection of human nature and its tendency for violence. Growing up with World War II survivors, she spent her childhood at a Soviet airbase, lived through the end of the Cold War, survived the collapse of the USSR, and the years of terror that followed, and seven years ago immigrated to the United States. Focusing on psychoanalysis, Sitnikova's research centers around the question of the extent to which human social behavior is conscious and to what extent it is based on uncontrolled physiological responses. Searching for an Exit explores the connection between the body, mind, and instincts. Utilizing mixed materials, Sitnikova develops impossible tools to heal the mind.

Image: "Shelf" by Anastasia Sitnikova.