Anders Herwald Ruhwald: GLASUR STYKKER

Saturday, Apr 15 – May 27, 2017 5 – 8 pm

1709 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Exhibition on view: April 15-May 27, 2017

Opening reception: Saturday, April 15, 5-8pm

Anders Herwald Ruhwald’s new body of work called Glasur Stykker is a series of ceramic objects where Ruhwald sidesteps his recent project based installations in order to investigate the nature of glaze and ceramic materials. “Glasur-stykke” is a Danish term that translates to glaze piece - a unique ceramic object where the glaze has a particular or unusual effect - as a result - differentiates it from other objects produced by the artist.

Ruhwald considers this new work to be similar to that of a drawing practice. It is an open-ended investigation, where he can query the formal and aesthetic properties of ceramics, in order to explore and search out unknown paths with the medium. For him the exploration of glaze and surface-treatments in ceramics operates both as a material discovery and a concept device. A place where new possibilities for work arise and ideas begin to take shape.

Traditionally glaze is understood as a surface treatment - an added effect - but Ruhwald considers glaze as surface, matter and color at the same time. For him glaze has not only the potential to cover the surface, but also to alter our perception of a given object. In this way the “Glasur-stykke” series can be understood as an exploration that does not have a programmed output. Instead they sit as a tangential line of his practice that allows him an intuition driven mode of discovery.  

Image: Anders Herwald Ruhwald, Glasur-stykke #3