Andrew Holmquist: HQME (Virtual Showroom)

Saturday, May 2 – 30, 2020

New address coming 2023
Temp. office:
1732 W. Hubbard, Ste. 1A
Chicago, IL 60622

You can find the Online Viewing Room for HQME on our website here.

With HQME, Carrie Secrist Gallery celebrates that place where never is heard a discouraging word. Comprising drawings and ceramics, this solo effort debuts recent developments in Holmquist's practice, including advances in his perennial exploration of the kaleidoscopic figure and energetic landscapes that possess a dynamism found only in the wilds of the artist's particular nature. Presented on an occasion when "staying in" means something more urgent than bubble baths and bodice rippers, HQMEencourages appreciation for all the things that bring comfort, joy, and a sense of belonging.

HQME includes several interconnecting bodies of work that highlight Holmquist's art making process, giving insight into his creative decisions by processing information and translating artwork from nature. This includes the new series Trees which are large abstract mixed-media abstract landscapes, HEADS which informed Trees, an extension of his well known Strong LQQks, Suits of Armor which are Holmquist's daily drawings-as-meditative-practice, pencil and ink preparatory plein air drawings of trees around his home studio, monotype prints and ceramics inspired by highway on-ramps.

Stay tuned for more information about joining us for a special performance by Andrew Holmquist incorporating meditation, comic books and drawing. In conjunction with this performance we'll also be announcing an opportunity for you to commission your own Suit of Armor.

We hope you can join us for HQME at home.