ANTHEA BEHM: Mirror Lamp Hammer

Friday, Nov 3 – 30, 2017 5 – 8 pm

1709 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Exhibition Opening
Friday, November 3rd 5-8pm

Paris London Hong Kong is proud to present Mirror Lamp Hammer a new series of photograms by Anthea Behm.

Represented here are the everyday things whose given reality we take for granted: pockets, shoes, politics, language. In these images, they are shown to exist not solely as objects to be reflected in a photographic instant (as in a mirror), nor merely as the subjective illumination of our minds (as if we created the world through the lamp of our imagination). The world we experience is rather an entanglement of the subjective and the objective, the analog and the digital, the formed and the formless. And our visions, like hammers, maintain the power to reshape and reimagine the forms of our existence.