Artist Lecture: Frances Lightbound (Virtual Program)

Friday, Jan 21, 2022 7 – 8 pm

319 N Albany Ave
Chicago, IL 60612-1751


Frances Lightbound’s (British, b. 1989) work addresses the architectural condition through abstraction. In her clever, often slippery use of architecture’s most foundational element—the grid—Lightbound suggests a certain malleability in the classically rigid form. With Untitled (Variable Edition), now on view at Bianca Bova Gallery,she racks focus between stark, elegant forms that toe the line of representational images of the built environment, and works of almost painterly geometric abstraction; the latter recalling the materials of construction: marble, tile, terrazzo, stone. Her use of varnish in the printmaking process introduces a play of light into the works that further obfuscates a simplified delineation of the two; the individual prints are evocative of both interior and exterior, of scale monumental and minute, lending the portfolio as a whole the intimacy of viewing the vastness of the urban environment from the window of one’s own home.

The artist will be joined in conversation by Bianca Bova, with an audience Q & A to follow.