Artist Talk: Margie Criner, Megan Sterling & Matt Bodett

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 4 – 5 pm

8 S. Michigan Ave.
Ste. 620
Chicago, IL 60603

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our second solo show by Chicago-based artist Megan Sterling, this time in a dialogue with her partner Matt Bodett, and in the Project Room, our first show by Chicago-based sculptor Margie Criner, guest curated by Aron Packer Projects.

Megan Sterling and Matt Bodett both establish meaning via mental and emotional expressions which are based in their personal experiences with personal traumas, mental illness, depression, and anxiety. That Which Holds Uslooks at the boat as a metaphor for life as being dependent now and then on the presence of a container — a thing that holds us. The container can preserve life as well as take it away. Both artists use a variety of media centered around their core practices of printmaking and drawing.

Margie Criner makes intimate sculptures which contain miniature dioramas, viewable through a small window on one or more sides of the work. Her intention is to stimulate curiosity and discovery — opening up new worlds to anyone who is willing to look. At once charming, disarming, challenging and provocative, these sculptures make one work a little harder at looking, in an effort to make engagement with the artwork more satisfying. Curated by Aron Packer Projects.


Image: left- Megan Sterling, I Stopped Somewhere, Charcoal, acrylic, neon on wood, 54 x 46”, 2019; right- Matt Bodett, Step t, Trace Monotype, 72 x 48", 2019