Artist Talk: The Journey From Here to There

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 12:30 – 2:30 pm

610 S. Michigan
Chicago, IL 60605

This event is free. Reservations appreciated. 
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Four contemporary artists—Linda Robinson Gordon, Ellen Holtzblatt, Lilach Schrag, and Michelle Stone—explore the relationship between the physical and spiritual.

See their work on view in Spertus Institute's Ground Level Arts Lab and join the artists as they discuss the processes that go into the creation of their work.

Inspired by the natural world, Gordon, Holtzblatt, Schrag, and Stone delve into the relationships between matter and energy and between the roles of process and materials in the act of creation. They explore their fascination with human experience, community, memory, time, and narrative.

Evoking the concept of Lech Lecha, a Hebrew phrase from the third parashah(Torah portion) that translates as “go forth,” the artists were compelled to experiment and take risks, stretching the boundaries of their artistic practices toward a place of personal authenticity.

Works include drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations.

Exhibition organized by Lilach Schrag.


Images: clockwise from top left: 
Ellen Holtzblatt, There Is Nothing So Whole As A Broken Heart, 40" x 90" (triptych), oil on linen. , Michelle Stone, Hybrid 2 from Grew Some Hybridsseries, mixed materials including acrylic gel and paint, Lilach Schrag, video stills from The Hope, Linda Robinson Gordon, Untitled, 21" x 21", ink on paper.