Artist Walk and Talk with Sharon Bladholm

Thursday, Nov 2, 2017 3 pm – 4:30 am

2430 N. Cannon
Chicago, IL 60614

Sharon Bladholm integrates the disciplines of nature, science, conservation and art into a seamless visual experience. What better place to have her exhibition than Chicago’s premier nature museum – Peggy Natebaert Nature Museum. She works in bronze, glass, ceramic, and on paper and her artwork in all these mediums are at display in the exhibition.

Tour will be led by Sharon Bladholm.

She'll be telling stories about Amazonian Expeditions and Residencies, collaborating with biologists, snakes, plants, new species of fish, hunting for rare and new species of orchids, 
the importance of seed diversity, why Darwin forced her to make 60 more seeds for Seed Rain Seed Bank,
the oldest seed to ever sprout, an extinct Date Palm named Methusala,
how she came to love earth stars some 30 years ago,
Intelligent Hearts and the Biology of Transcendence..we really DO think with our hearts..
and more tales from the rain forests and wild places still out there!