Black Divinity Meditation Day

Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 9 – 11 am

6760 S. Stony Island Avenue
Chicago (60649)

“No sustained transformation can take place without going within, to experience our essential nature and allowing it to come forth to guide our lives.” -Kamau Abayomi, Creator of Black Divinity Meditation Day

Saturday April 6th, within the New Moon energy, will be Black Divinity Meditation Day.

Black Divinity Meditation Day is a global event beginning at sunrise on April 6th, asking black people to commit to at least 30 minutes of meditation–privately and/or publicly–and have someone take a photo and/or video and share it under the hashtag #blackdivinitymeditation and #blackpeoplemeditating.

In honor of Black Divinity Meditation Day, spiritual guide and transformational healer Stacy Patrice is leading an hour-long ‘cosmic meditation for the soul’ at the Stony Island Arts Bank. If an hour sounds like a challenge, come and experience what you are capable of. No one will be turned away based on previous experience and all meditators will be supported. We are inviting experienced meditators alongside those in the Black community who do not know about meditation, its purpose and how to do it, to join and learn.

In preparation: Attend Soul Healing Yoga with Stacy Patrice every Wednesday from 630-730pm and every Sunday from 1-3pm at Dorchester Art & Housing Collaborative (1456 E 70th Street). Prepare your body physically for sitting in ease and be guided to increase your personal meditation time weekly, up to the Black Divinity Meditation Day.

This event is 2-hours, start to finish. Please arrive on time. Meditation begins at 9:30 sharp. To avoid distracting meditators, late arrivals will not be permitted.

You will get:
an introduction to meditation
a short q&a for our site-specifics
a timed hour long meditation with assistance as needed
adjustment time at the closing

You will need:
the intention to be still and go within for an hour as to equalize everyones meditation experience
a shawl or sweater in case its drafty
a yoga mat and/or cushion or any props you use to comfortably cushion yourself for longer periods of sitting
a water bottle to hydrate just before and after meditation

Let’s fill the main floor of this historical space with the presence of our divine selves on Chicago’s Southside, united together, in meditation. For this collective event, we will arrange the photography.

This event is free and open to the public. Doors will close at 9:30 AM sharp and arrivals past that point will not be allowed entry. Please RSVP in advance here.