Black Fine Art Month

Tuesday, Oct 1 – 31, 2019

Chicago, IL

We are living in exciting times for Black Art and Artists. Their enduring ingenuity, creativity and innovation is being acknowledged, albeit slowly. As the honors for their works increase, so too has the value. This is happening because of the hard work of the many artists of color who came before, as well as those practicing their craft today. These women and men have carried the torch for Black Art and BlackArtists with one shared dream - for Black Art to be viewed and valued under the canon of “great art.”

Black Fine Art Month is a global celebration of the Black Art aesthetic, an annual recognition of artists, innovators, collectors, curators and those vested in the Black Art tradition, and an opportunity to commemorate these contributions through art programming. The celebration lies at the intersection of the past, present, and future of Black Art, and affords us a moment to toast the bold gallerists and esteemed art purveyors who revere the aesthetic, drive the value; and invest in artists who are making a cultural impact.

Visit for a list of participating artists, institutions and leaders as well as a full calendar of events. 

Top image: James Nelson