Bloom - A Spring Group Show

Opening: Friday, Mar 3, 2023 5 – 10 pm
Friday, Mar 3 – Apr 2, 2023

1541 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

The inaugural exhibition of Povos new location at 1541 W Chicago Ave includes 31 artists, the vast majority of which are young emerging artists local to Chicago and the Midwest.

Examining spring as a period for rebirth and growth both pictorially and symbolically, Bloom welcomes the change of the season and offers you somewhere to go now that the ice is melting.


Featuring work from: 

Anthony Adcock

Julien Chatelin

Hannah Chavez

Diana Cisneros

Lucca Colombelli

Madeleine Finley

Nathalie Gribinski

Christina Haglid

Adam Holzrichter

Sébastien Johnson

Gordon Johnson

Jordan Keyes

Benito Quas Longoria

Maeve McGale

Elsa Muñoz

Bruno Passos

Fawn Penn

Griffin Plumer

Malik John-Marc Purvis

Wendy S. Rolfe

Marina Ross

Matt Ryerse

William Schaeuble

David Sear

Slater Reid Sousley

Cormac Steinbock

Brad Stumpf

Zuzu Utz

Modou Dieng Yacine

Juniper Zuniga

Eleonore Zurawski



Curated by Lucca Colombelli

Designwork by Kate Bewley


Image:Installation in new Povos's Chicago Ave. location