Bob Nonnemacher

Saturday, Mar 5 – Apr 10, 2022

1717 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201

The Evanston Art Center is proud to present four solo shows showcasing the work of Verena Brassel, Robert Nonnemacher, Cole Pierce and Sandra Perlow.

Bob Nonnemacher’s complex and energized abstract paintings are created by fusing bold lines into geometric shapes and through a painting process using both sides of a single canvas. After using two contrasting painting techniques, one on each side, he cuts the canvas apart, sometimes into 200+ pieces, and then reassembles the pieces to create a final image. The result is an optical energy dominated by a vibrant color palette and intriguing patterns that offers a fresh and exciting perspective on geometric abstraction. 

Bob’s unusual process started accidently when he was working on some untreated canvas. While applying large amounts of the paint, it started to seep through to the other side. This prompted new conceptual revelations that lead to new approaches to explore up/down, wet/dry, dark/light, control/surprise, forward/recede and textures in a body of work that explores geometric abstraction with an eye towards modernism.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art at Winona State University, Bob began a thriving career in publishing as a designer, art coordinator, art buyer, and illustrator and project manager spanning 30 years. He currently exhibits his work throughout the Midwest in galleries and juried exhibitions.