Bruno Surdo, New Paintings

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 2023 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Sep 8 – 30, 2023

300 W. Superior
Chicago, IL 60654

Opening reception Sept 8, 5-8pm with other River North galleries

Gallery VICTOR is proud to present the technical mastery and creative brilliance of Bruno Surdo. His latest work draws on his decades of experience to present the human form painted with skilled draftsmanship and detailed settings that provoke the imagination and stir emotion. This is Bruno - a master at his very best.

Bruno A. Surdo is a true native of Chicago. He studied drawing and art history, and pursues the mastery of the human form with inspiration from the Renaissance masters. His provocative works center around the human condition and are known for their allegorical imagery. Bruno has had numerous shows and commissions and his work is held in many prestigious art collections around the world. He lectures often and is a teacher who believes in nurturing others.The artistic forms he has created are images that communicate a personal commentary on the issue or question in mind. These shapes are then arranged in a pictorial space using the human form. Surdo strives to communicate a message to the viewer - to engage the person in a conversation between what he puts forth and what he or she can then interpret. The interchange of response and curiosity are goals the artist set when composing his ideas. Surdo believes art is a continual form of expression and he feels committed to search for a language that brings his thoughts and feelings to the surface.