Carve, Cast, and Coil: International Sculpture from the Permanent Collection

Opening: Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Jun 14 – Aug 30, 2019

1635 W. Saint Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233

Featuring works by 20 artists from 12 countries on 5 continents, this exhibition celebrates the diverse approaches to sculpture found in the permanent collection. Traditional sculptural mediums, such as bronze, wood, and stone, are juxtaposed with barbed wire and houseplants. Materials found in craft, such as bamboo and ceramic, are sculpted to form complex and elegant shapes. Works are carved, cast, and coiled—and burned and welded and woven and more—to create unique forms that push the limits of the materials from which they are made.

Several sculptures within this exhibition are accompanied by drawings or paintings by the same artist, showing thematic and stylistic similarities throughout the artist’s body of work. By viewing an artist’s sculptural output with their other work, connecting concepts emerge across their varied mediums. Their approach to sculpture is more clearly realized.

Artists included: Hanne Braun, Bruno Cidra, Stephen De Staebler, Ruth Duckworth, Fawzia Khan, Dietrich Klinge, June Leaf, Pamela Mei Yee Leung, Truman Lowe (W), Reuben Nakian, David Nash, Mimmo Paladino, Manolo Paz, Alejandro Santiago, Peter Bongani Shange, Tom Shannon (W), Kenzie Shiokava, Terry Turrell, Joel Urruty, and Jiro Yonezawa. This is the first U.S. museum exhibition of Cidra and Leung. Artist identified with (W) are Wisconsin artists.


Image: From left to right: David Nash, "Three Way Cut Column" (2008), Peter Bongani Shange, "Dancing Pregnant Figure" (1993), and Ruth Duckworth, "Figure" (ca. 1970s)