Thursday, Nov 7, 2019 5 – 8 pm

2035 W. Grand
Chicago, IL 60612

RSVP for the opening by calling  312.755.1266 

The Golden Triangle is proud to announce the opening of CELL NATURE; a painting exhibition by artist Wanlop Hansunthai, wine and light refreshments will be served.

Hansunthai's unique vision comes out of the blending of Buddhist belief and scientific knowledge. He has mastered Western techniques (paint on canvas) and put them to use in illustrating an Asian understanding of nature and the passage of time. What does the passage of time look like? Hansunthai's work, like all serious painting, can be understood on different levels.  It is beautiful in and of itself and can be appreciated without verbal explanation.  That said, we interviewed the artist last Spring and he shared his philosophy with us. His works are currently featured at the MAIIM Contemporary Art Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Artist Statement

"The essential truth about the world and human life as we experience it is change. Life starts with a seed, grows into fullness and decays. It begins with cells of matter and ends with cells.  In the middle stages, it has organization, force, and the active energy we call life. I became a painter because I found painting was the best way to express my understanding of this process.

When I was a student, I always loved science. What an adventure it is to learn about the structure of matter and the foundation of the world around us. Later I was drawn to art and studied painting at Chiang Mai University. I think I approached painting with the curiosity of a scientist.

I find freedom in painting because through painting I feel no limitations in expressing the truth I feel.  I've studied other arts, such as photography, and I've incorporated them into my work. However, painting feels the most natural to me. It allows me direct expression through color, space and its physical dimension - the opacity, translucence and the thickness of actual paint on canvas. It also allows me the freedom to create regardless of the time of day and without the interruption of tools or technology.  Painting is pure.

We are all made of cells and we live in a natural world of cells. Each brush stroke is a cell that makes up part of a painting. Each painting is a fleeting vision that I've tried to capture and share with others. I too, am a cell in a community. I hope you will find beauty in my work."