Character Con Exhibition

Opening: Friday, Aug 2, 2019 7 – 10 pm
Thursday, Aug 1 – 31, 2019

9210 Broadway Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513

Featuring Derail Howery, Jamie Primack, Naomi Martinez & Travis Cakos

Opening Reception Friday August 2nd 7-10pm


About Derail

My passion is Illustrating, cartooning, comic books and fantasy characters.  My characters are created from my experiences in life such as well as what I take from reading books, TV, movies and watching people in their everyday activities.

About Jamie

Jamie Primack is a comic artist, writer, illustrator, and creator of the sci fi comic series BINARY STAR. Inspired by her love of science fiction and horror, Jamie's artistic style - which she calls "space goth" - combines the aesthetics of gothic subcultures with futuristic technology. To create illustrations that are both cosmic and dark, Jamie uses brushes, technical pens, dried ink, white ink, metallic paint, and gouache. Jamie also writes and illustrates BINARY STAR, a comic series which has been running online for more than two years and ten chapters. BINARY STAR, which tells the story of an interstellar bounty hunter forced to team up with an alien outlaw, can be read online,, and Jamie also works as a freelance artist and illustrator who can be found tabling at various comic conventions and art shows around the country.

You can find her work online at or follow her work on Instagram @jamieprimack."