Christine Tarkowski: “When we call the Earth by way of distinction..."

Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 1, 2021

78 E. Washington
Chicago, IL 60602

Christine Tarkowski: “When we call the Earth by way of distinction a planet and the Moon a satellite, we should consider whether we do not, in a certain sense, mistake the matter. Perhaps- and not unlikely - the Moon is the planet and the Earth the satellite! Are we not a larger moon to the Moon, than she is to us?”

Through Fall 2021

Millennium Park, Boeing Gallery South

Christine Tarkowski’s work is as extravagantly conjured as its title, taken from the 18th-century British astronomer William Herschel. The startling presence of candy-colored hand blown glass boulders suspended above and about earthbound boulders evokes a strange, yet elemental landscape–ironically similar to our environment, both natural and built. The installation, set down in the midst of the highly manicured garden of Millennium Park, seems a gentle critique of how cities build, manipulate, and re-present natural forms. Presented by the Millennium Park Foundation