Constructing Images with Kimberly Witham

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 9 am – 4 pm

Constructed photographs can range from arranging objects for a still life to elaborate collages or montages as well as many other studio-based practices. In this full day workshop with artist Kimberly Witham, participants will learn long-term strategies for pursuing and completing a successful project with constructed imagery. Kimberly will discuss the history of the still life and constructed image in painting and photography as well as highlight the work of contemporary artists working in this manner. She will also share her own creative process and approach, from sketches to finished pieces, in addition to discussing her own home-based studio and equipment. Participants will have the opportunity to share a portfolio with the group and gain valuable technical and conceptual feedback on their projects. Topics to discuss include lighting, composition, subject matter, and overall creative vision.

Limited to 18. Participants should bring a portfolio of 10-15 printed images.

$295 per person. 

Located at the Millennium Knickbocker Hotel.