Conversation: The Healing Power of Art

Wednesday, Dec 28, 2022 6 – 7 pm

1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610

A conversation between Lucas Livingston, MA, Exec. Director of Chicago Hyde Park Village & Eric Spruth MA on how art can combat loneliness

Chronic loneliness has been called the silent epidemic of the 21st century. Studies demonstrate it can lead to premature death. In this spirited conversation, Lucas Livingston, MA, Executive Director of Chicago Hyde Park Village & Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR Art Therapist explore strategies, approaches, and examples for how arts enrichment can be a meaningful and impactful intervention in mitigating the harmful effects of loneliness in people’s lives. Some concrete examples include the imperative of touch in art museums for those who cannot see, the therapeutic value of coloring through the Libations Art Therapy Coloring Book, trauma-informed mural transformations of clinical staffing areas in the Cook County Temporary Youth Detention Center, and much more.

This program is provided in connection with the current exhibition, “Art Therapy & Tarot: The Importance of Symbol; Then, Now, and Forevermore,” by By Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR, on view through February 12, 2023. The programming series includes artist talks, guest speakers in the field, and engagement events all surrounding the importance of Art Therapy and topics of healing, empowerment, remembrance, symbolism, and rebirth. For schedule information, visit

Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR (Ph.D. Candidate, Walden University) is a highly accomplished art therapist, practicing in fields across disciplines, including his therapeutic works and services within tattooing, music, writing, body casting; mastering many art media in the name of service as an art therapist, in service to his special needs populations across the country and around the world. In “Art Therapy & Tarot: The Importance of Symbol; Then, Now, and Forevermore,” Spruth gives us a look into his most recent works encompassing a collage set of 78 tarot cards and the craft, history, and cultural importance of the media. The borderless symbolism surrounding tarot is not of one person but all people. Through the tarot deck, Spruth connects the importance of creating art in unique ways as therapy for not only his patients but also himself.

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