Examining the State of Our Environment: 20/21 Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition

Friday, Jul 9 – Sep 5, 2021

1717 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201

Curated by Alpha M. Bruton & Adero Knott

The Evanston Art Center (EAC), an artistic hub on the North Shore for over ninety years, believes that some communities are all too rarely represented in the curatorial world. To address this situation, the EAC has developed a recurrent, project-based position for a curator of color with ties to the Evanston community to develop an exhibition of their choosing. It is the EAC’s intent that such an exhibit will both build new ties to historically underrepresented groups as well as introduce Evanston and the greater Chicago area to new curatorial and artistic perspectives. 

Alpha Bruton and Adero Knott’s artistic vision entails an intergenerational curatorial practice that seeks to provide a model for emerging and established curators to innovate in curating inclusive experience, gain practical curating experience and critically reflect on how their curatorial style will imprint on the Evanston community and the world. Exhibiting artists will examine the state of their environment in society through themes of Racism, Spirituality, Documentation and Art as Wellness. 

Throughout the exhibition, Bruton and Adero will invite artists and the Evanston Art Center community to participate in a series of public dialogues facilitated by Knott and the exhibiting artists. These dialogues will explore ways artists examine their environment through themes of Racism, Spirituality, Documentation and Art as Wellness, as well as the intersection of art and social justice – how does identity and intersectionality affect our lived experiences, as seen in the practice of an artist? Learn more.