D. Lammie-Hanson: Impressions of Precious

Opening: Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023 3:30 – 6:30 pm
Monday, Sep 25 – Oct 17, 2023

St. Xavier University
3700 W. 103rd St.
Chicago, IL 60655

Embark on a captivating journey into the artistry of D. Lammie-Hanson, a renowned contemporary metalpoint artist, through the mesmerizing exhibit titled "Impressions of Precious." Hosted at the SXU Art Gallery within St. Xavier University at 3700 West 103rd St., Chicago, IL, this showcase unveils expansive metalpoint drawings and paintings that push the boundaries of creativity.

Over six transformative years, Lammie-Hanson's focus has been on celebrating human resilience and essence. However, a new creative chapter led her to explore the realm of "Divine Joy," an ethereal emotion sourced from a higher spiritual plane. This emotion transcends circumstances and materialism, and Lammie-Hanson's mission became capturing this intrinsic joy of the soul, detached from the external world.

Using delicate wire instruments made of pure silver, 14K and 24K gold, and platinum, the artist immersed herself in the art of precious metals. This classical medium, akin to the techniques of Da Vinci and Durer, took on a modern form through her skilled hands.

Lammie-Hanson's metalpoint creations intricately capture her vision. Aiming to reimagine depictions of people of color within this historic medium, she counters conventional stereotypes and highlights dignity and elegance. In 2021, metalpoint designs blend seamlessly with acrylic paintings, incorporating gold and brass to symbolize blessings.

"Impressions of Precious" invites you to explore narratives that illuminate concealed tales and the inherent luminosity of individuals depicted in precious metals. The exhibit runs from September 25 to October 17, 2023, with viewing hours on select days. Save the date for the artist presentation and reception on October 4th at 3:30 PM.



Artist Presentation and Reception Start: October 4th, 3:30 pm

Artist Presentation and Reception End: October 4th, 6:30 pm

Show Date begins: September 25, 2023

Show Date ends: October 17, 2023


Image Info: She Wears Her Joy, Brasspoint and Acrylic on Lucite ,22.75 X 34

Image Credit: D. Lammie-Hanson