Dance, Dance, Dance

Opening: Friday, Jan 31, 2020 5 – 8 pm
Friday, Jan 31 – Mar 27, 2020

2010 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Marcel Alcalá — Peter Barrickman — Brian Belott — Lizzi Bougatsos —  Aria Carter — Jacob Ciocci —
Russell Copenharve — Nikole Heusman — Matthew Higgs — Jess Holzworth — Hector Jones — Aaron Kleeblatt — Becky Kubica — Sadie Laska — Bill Lilly — Lawrence M. — Morgan Mandalay — Mike Marino — Christianne Msall — Sanou Oumar — Tim Presley — Ed Rawski — Scott Reeder — Kira Scerbin — Nicholas Schutzenhofer — Tim Stone — Spencer Sweeney — Jean Wilson — Quinn Zenner— Christina Zion

Curated by Tyson Reeder

Dance, Dance, Dance draws together artists that channel the mystery and immediacy of music in their approach to making work. As one of the most persistent muses of the visual arts, the unifying power of music shows up here in different forms, sparking unlikely affinities under the hazy glow of the disco ball. Glammed-up party people strut and vamp in the work of LA-based artist Marcel Alcalá and Aria Carter, while Quinn Zenner’s Frank Zappa Tapestry builds a dissonant wall of sound with wandering marker lines and rhythmic color. Fandom is rampant, in works such as Bill Lilly’s obsessive 80’s Hair Metal Bands and Nikole Heusman’s King of Pop. Artists that maintain concurrent lives as DJ’s and musicians are also represented throughout, including NY-based Sadie Laska, Matthew Higgs, and Spencer Sweeney, and members of the legendary Arts of Life Band.