Dara Schuman’s CityScape Sculpture Series

Opening: Saturday, Mar 4, 2023 5 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, Mar 4 – 25, 2023

Dara Schuman is a fine-art potter with a focus on elevating and pushing the limits of traditional wheel-thrown vessels. She creates refined and bespoke vases that are uniquely shaped with curves along with contradicting sharp edges with deep ridges to translate a modern, inventive, and sophisticated art.

She started with ceramics at a young age. She had a natural way with clay that infused her with passion for creating sculptures.  She graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder and worked as a classroom instructor for Boulder Pottery Lab. After graduation, she moved to Chicago to begin her creative venture in ceramics. She is a full time ceramicist working out of The Digs Chicago. She has received great opportunities since becoming a full-time artist. She was commissioned to create dinnerware for Esme´ fine dining restaurant and has had several group exhibitions in Chicago and now in Virginia. She is excited to enter her first solo show with CityScape Series at T. Mari Gallery in Chicago.

CityScape Series comes from her daily backdrop, living in the heart of Chicago. Her inspiration developed from her everyday world that sprawls around her. This series aims to reflect the same embodiment of the city’s landscape with a structured, modern, and urban motif throughout each piece.

Photo credit: Arthur Braud