David Hilliard: Regarding Others

Friday, Nov 3 – Dec 30, 2017 5 – 7:30 pm

November 3rd  –  December 30th, 2017  

Schneider Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of David Hilliard: Regarding Others
For over twenty years David Hilliard has masterfully created photographic narratives, often exploring themes of familial relationships and identity, through a panoramic approach. Much like a stanza in a poem, each panel enhances the viewer’s understanding of Hilliard’s gestalt.  Hilliard playfully directs the viewer’s gaze within and throughout each panorama by altering focus, distance, and focal planes.  These elements assist in navigating Hilliard’s narratives, creating moments of tension and release.  In Regarding Others, selections from Hilliard’s career aim to bridge themes of youth, beauty, rites of passage, longing, and aging that often saturate his evocative compositions.  Hilliard references intimate moments often drawn from his personal life while simultaneously and skillfully allowing the work to remain universally understood.     
About the Artist:  David Hilliard is a contemporary photographer known for his multi-paneled color photographs (polyptychs).  He earned his MFA in Photography from Yale University, and his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.  Hilliard has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has work held in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum, and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. He also has won numerous awards including a Fulbright Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship.