David Klamen: Life Trophies

Opening: Thursday, May 5, 2022 5 – 7 pm
Thursday, May 5 – Jun 24, 2022
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GRAY Warehouse:
2044 W. Carroll Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612

American artist David Klamen debuts a recent series of twelve ceramic sculptures in the solo exhibition Life Trophies. Constructed over the last several years, Klamen’s Life Trophies are an accumulation of visual fragments, mementos, and experiences that bring material reality to personal or forgotten history. David Klamen: Life Trophies opens at GRAY Chicago (2044 West Carroll Avenue) on Thursday, May 5, with a public reception for the artist from 5–7 PM, and closes June 24, 2022.

Celebrated for his semiotically complex, hyperrealistic paintings, David Klamen first began his Life Trophies in 2016 as a series of experimental compositional sketches. Klamen’s sketches envisioned mound-like forms comprising an array of intertwined objects, culminating with one clearly discernible item at the top. “I initially conceived of them as a heap of elements that reference our buried history of experiences and memories,” explains Klamen. “At the top is an item that commemorates this present moment.” Identifying ceramic as the medium that would best express this concept, Klamen acquired a large collection of unused plaster molds from which to cast his amalgams. The molds encompass many varied forms, from whimsical animals and sentimental figurines to utilitarian household objects.

Embracing chance and improvisation—a departure from his careful and controlled painting process—Klamen selects the final molds for each sculpture without knowing their interior forms in advance. Using the slip-casting method, Klamen fills each mold with clay slip. After the clay dries and the molds are opened one by one, only then is Klamen able to see the cast object for the first time. “I go out of my way during much of the process to make sure that I don’t focus on what the forms are,” explains Klamen. “We don’t look inside of the molds until we open them up and discover whatever was recorded by the clay. They are a surprise to me from beginning to end.” While gravity assists in shaping the final construction, Klamen’s physical process entails stacking, compressing, throwing, or pounding the objects directly onto the mound’s vessel base.