Discussion: Eula Biss

Saturday, Nov 5, 2022 2 – 3 pm

University of Chicago
5811 S. Ellis Ave.
Cobb Hall, 4th fl.
Chicago, IL, 60637



In her most recent book, Having and Being Had, essayist Eula Biss embarks a provocative exploration of the value system behind American home ownership. Lingering over property’s contradictions, with all the comforts and discomforts involved, the book draws unshrinkingly on Biss’s own experience while bringing equal sensitivity to the larger structural patterns and histories in which property is so deeply enmeshed.

For this program, Biss joins curator Karsten Lund in conversation around the exhibition Fear of Property, as they talk about artworks in the exhibition, the tangles of property as an idea and a lived experience, and some of the emotional dimensions that are often left out of the picture. Learn more

Fear of Property closes this Sunday, November 6. Exhibition hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 6pm, and Friday 1 to 7pm. Plan your visit.

Image credit: Ghislaine Leung, Public Sculpture (detail), 2018. Installation view in Fear of Property, 2022. Photo: Useful Art Services.