Exhibition Walk-Through Adonis River and the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 6 – 7:30 pm

University of Chicago
5811 S. Ellis Ave.
Cobb Hall, 4th fl.
Chicago, IL, 60637

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This shared event between the Ren and the University of Chicago’s Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures will put Dala Nasser’s exhibition into conversation with the ISAC Museum’s ancient Mesopotamian collections, generating new insights into each by exploring such topics as mythological conceptions and practices related to natural materials and intercultural aspects of divinity. Visitors will be led through Nasser’s exhibition by Myriam Ben Salah before walking across the University’s quad to the ISAC Museum where Kiersten Neumann will present a brief lecture followed by an informal tour and reception in the museum galleries.