Expanding Our Horizons - Spring Benefit

Friday, May 3, 2019 7 – 11 pm

1957 Sheridan Rd.
Highland Park, IL 60035


Wendy Abrams

Wendy Abrams is an environmental activist and founder of Cool Globes, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of climate change.  Cool Globes originated as a project stemming from the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 and has grown internationally, traveling to 16 cities on four continents and translated into nine languages.

Jacqueline Chilow: 

Jacqueline Chilow has over 15 years of planning special events both for her own company and for the last 10 year as the Director of Events for The Art Center of Highland Park (TACHP).  Jacqueline has varied experience in being the creative force behind each event and watching each detail to ensure success.  The Annual Spring Benefit this year celebrates her 10th anniversary planning and running this event as the major fundraiser for the TACHP.

BENEFIT CO-CHAIRS: Marla Gilbert and Deborah Hall

EXHIBITION OPENINGS: Solo exhibition of artist Bert Leveille | enLIGHTen

Bert Leveille will create site specific art installations exploring consciousness.  Bert implements an full experiential component to her work, using light and sound to intensify the experience. “Streaming reflections” includes large-scale paintings which complete the stage’s transformation into an “alternate” world where the dancing figure seems to flow through light.

enLIGHTen is a group exhibition exploring how is light defined in reference to art? Some artists manipulate the elements of light through shades of colors, overlapping, and shaping, creating the illusion of light. Other artists use the idea of consciousness as a vehicle for bringing light into their art and their surroundings. The exhibition reflects the many values of LIGHT both literally and spiritually.

*Early Bird Single Benefit ticket price $175 and $150 for under 40 by April 20, 2019

For more information on becoming a Sponsor, call 847.432.1888 or email Donna Bliss: dbliss@theartcenterhp.org

For more information on Benefit, call 847.432.1888 or email Jacqueline Chilow: JChilow@TheArtCenterHP.org