Flatlife Friday: Coco Berkman

Friday, Apr 24 – 30, 2020

4912 N. Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

Each week, CPC's very own Flat Phil will take you snooping through the drawers  and other hidden places to discover gorgeous work by gallery artists that you can buy. Flat Phil (with his trusty sidekick, Art Purchase) has an uncanny ability to slip inside narrow spaces unnoticed, so he was pretty pleased this week to be self-sheltering in a drawer full of east coast artist Coco Berkmam's whimsical and hilarious linoleum prints of our furry friends being adorable. Since our pets seem to be the happiest creatures on earth at the moment, what could be more fitting? 

You just may need a signature "DOG ON A SOFA" linocut to remind you of this special time you're having cuddling your canines and kitties.



The Cat's Sofa, linoleum print, 10 x 11.5" (block), 15 x 15" (paper), $65


"Dogs on Sofas" series:

I was a seamstress for 25 years 

and made slipcovers for sofas in many different spaces. Six years 

ago I adopted a dog for the first 

time in my life. I decided to create 

a theme for myself in order to 

have an excuse to draw, carve, 

and then print some images that brought me great joy. The melding 

of dogs and sofas and linoleum printmaking resulted in this series 

of prints. - Coco Berkman

Satchmo, linoleum print, 10 x 11.5" (block), 15 x 15" (paper), $65


Making art is so closely tied to my psyche, my physicality, the way I move through the world. As an artist I am a loner, preferring conversations with my work to going out to a social gathering. - Coco Berkman


Chef on the Beach, Linoleum print, 11 x 24" (block), 17 x 30" (paper), $175 



If you would like to purchase one of these wonderful prints, please email the studio and we will arrange payment and shipping (add around $25 - $45 for UPS domestic, depending on size). The CPC accepts credit card, cash, check or PayPal. We can also hold purchased prints for free, convenient, sanitary curbside pickup.

We've already had so many thrilled buyers contact us to let us know how delighted they are as their prints arrive in the mail!

We've also shipped prints around the country as gifts...a welcome surprise for folks stuck at home!