For What It’s Worth: The Economics of Art Collecting

Saturday, May 27, 2023 5 – 8 pm

215 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Fine art is expensive. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, the result of 20, 30, for 40 years of training and practice (or longer). But where does the number on the wall tag come from? Is it really worth the money? In this session, topics such as pricing, auction records, and appraisals will be covered, as well as how to track the value of your art collection as it grows. Hear from an experienced auctioneer about how art is valued and how the auction process works!

Join us and our Guest Speaker Sara Mulloy as we discuss these topics at our next event on Saturday, May 27th from 5-8pm!

Sara Mulloy is the Senior Director of Trusts, Estates & Private Clients for the Milwaukee branch of Hindman Auctions.

Ms. Mulloy joined the firm in 2011, upon the opening of the Wisconsin office. She is responsible for assisting clients throughout the entire auction process; from scheduling appointment services to working with our specialists in creating listings and providing estimates. Additionally, she manages all appraisal events for the branch and maintains close connections with local museums and institutions. On a daily basis, Ms. Mulloy evaluates a wide array of property across all of our collecting categories. She is a graduate of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London Master’s in Contemporary Art History program.