Handmade for Home: The Craft of Contemporary Design

Saturday, Mar 30 – May 19, 2019

205 Veterans Ave, West Bend, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s rich history of traditional craft and modern design come together this spring for a unique, artistic experience about home. Handmade for Home features the work of nearly thirty of Wisconsin’s top contemporary artists and designers who create sophisticated, functional objects for the home. Through an extraordinary display of vignettes, this exhibition celebrates the tradition of handmade one-of-a-kind pieces as well as new methods of customized design and production. From classic to high-end rustic and reclaimed, there is something for every aesthetic sensibility. 

Time-honored techniques in furniture making find consummate expression in the work of Reid Eric Anderson, Patrick Burke, Tom Loeser, Charles Radtke, and Randy Sahli, while MIAD senior Maggie Jo Sanderson takes the newcomer award for her sleek contemporary desk design. Jeffrey Clancy, Chloe Darke, and Michael Route are featured with tour de force examples of silver and ironwork. And, modern rustic designs are celebrated in Cathy and Mario Costantini’s La Lune Collection and Dona Look’s birch bark baskets. 

Cutting-edge methods of design and fabrication also make statements in unconventional museum displays of shower curtains, wallpapers, bed covers, lamps, and more in the innovative work of Reginald Baylor, Kelly Frederick Mizer, and Chasing Paper’s Elizabeth and Michael Rees. Re-envision home this spring at MOWA.