From The Center

Saturday, Jan 16 – Mar 27, 2021

3831 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653

Faheem Majeed’s first solo exhibition at South Side Community Art Center, “From The Center”, is a retrospective of works created by Majeed over the past twenty years. As a former Executive Director and Curator (2005-2011) of the South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC), Majeed’s works are especially attuned to the history and legacy of the 80 year old arts institution. The SSCAC has been the muse for a number of his series of works and has been the impetus for his continual exploration and critique of culturally specific institutions.

As recently stated in Newcity: Majeed’s socially engaged art practice can best be understood as “a collage of underappreciated things together, that are large and grand,” a metaphor for the underused knowledge of people. Majeed’s practice is deeply rooted in creating environments that encourage viewers to leverage their own power, as he believes that it’s ultimately people that are monuments.

According to Majeed:

“I find that I am drawn to odd or broken things...that translates to both objects and people. I think I’m drawn to these kinds of things because of a bottomless curiosity...not necessarily to tear things apart to see how they work but to understand connections and motivations.”

“The work I create is dictated by the message I am attempting to communicate. People, space, industrial materials, found objects and my foundation of welding metal have all been leveraged in my work with strong aesthetic around use and wear. I like to feel that people can see what I put into my work rather than just seeing a beautiful object. I want them to connect to its patina, use, and history so that it takes more than one glance to really answer the question of its beauty.”

Faheem Majeed (b. 1976) is a Chicago based artist who’s studio practice focuses on investigating, challenging,and highlighting the significance of culturally specific institutions. Majeed received his BFA from Howard University and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). From 2005-2011 Majeed served as Executive Director and Curator for the South Side Community Art Center and is currently Co-Director and Founder of the Floating Museum.

Majeed has also been a recipient of the Field and Macarthur Foundation’s Leaders for a New Chicago Award (2020), Joyce Foundation Award (2020), the Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Grant (2015), and Harpo Foundation Award (2016). Majeed’s solo exhibitions include MCA Chicago, SMFA at Tufts, and the Hyde Park Art Center.